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Who We Are

We are a group of software developers rapidly delivering enhanced value to our customers.

We approach every one of our client engagements with a strategic plan and embark on rapidly delivering targeted business results by building effective, visible and practical solutions.


Requirements are gathered by communicating with the client and end-users. An SRS (Software Requirement Specification) document is created with the user requirements expressed in natural language and technical requirements expressed in structured language used by the software development team.


A design document covering the architecture and high level design with sub-systems and module interactions is prepared. Detailed design with pseudo code is provided where necessary. Other aspects like security, concurrency, scaling, analytics and reporting are also detailed.


Choosing the right language and framework, the application is built using minimal coding and high standards. Modules are built matching the deployment strategy defined. Easy configuration and extension is provided. Continuious integration with automated testing keeps quality in control.

Launch & After

Cloud deployment or otherwise, all the necessary alarms, monitoring and log aggregations are put in place before the launch. Auto scaling is set up. For updates, blue-green deployment is used to reduce risk and downtime.

What We Do

As an Information Technology Partner, we provide variety of services to our customers.

Fixed price / fixed time implementation of projects to ensure that projects are executed within the allocated timeframes and budgets. Strategic staffing to ensure that you staff your projects with experts in a timely manner.

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps for B2C and B2B applications. Augmented Reality apps for enhanced user experience. Support workable offline mode for users on the move. Push Notification to customer segments promoting customer engagement.

Responsive (PWA) sites

We build responsive sites using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) guidelines. We also have vast experience in integrating 3rd party applications for search, analytics, chat, reviews, promotions, A/B testing, Digital Payments/Wallets to name a few.


Storefronts built against popular providers like BigCommerce, Yahoo, Shopify and custom implementations. Support for stand alone or integrated shopping cart experiences. 3rd Party integrations for the backend ordering and fullfilment functions.

Enterprise Search

Index and search structured and unstructured data. Faceting, highlighting, spell check, suggester, custom ranking and re-ranking are available. Can be easily scaled and distributed. Batch and Near Real Time (NRT) updates can be done. We also have good experience in integrating third party search solutions like Nextopia, Unbxd, HawkSearch, Easyask, FusionBot.

CRM Integrations

CRM integrations with messaging support across major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp apart from SMS. Send media-rich SMS with attachments, images, web links and more. Use AI for autoresponding general questions and real time handover to agents. Manage broadcasts to a large group with support for delivery windows and time to live.

Cloud Deployment

We can help building your cloud architecture, hosting your data/business, and migration of existing database to the cloud. Full scale DevOps and use of containers improves agility and scalability. Emphasis on security using policies, controls, procedures and technologies that work together to protect systems, data and infrastructure on the cloud.


These are some of our recent clients we've worked with.

Unbound Commerce MMS
Marlin Mobile NuoDB

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